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Bluetooth Proximity Marketing
Marketing & Proximity Solutions

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Increase Engagement

Engage Visitors & Customers near & in-store

Increase Knowledge

Understand visitors better to maximise your investment

Increase ROI

Earn incremental revenues using proximity marketing

proximity marketing in retail

Why Proximity Marketing?

An enterprise-class mobile marketing platform, for engaging visitors and customers near and in-store.
location tracking


Accurately locate customers in store and deliver targeted messages and notifications.

mobile offers


Offer contextual information for deals and promotions.

mobile app marketing


Collect customer data to enhance

Mobile Marketing Software

New Products

Alert visitors to new items in store

Mobile Ads


Associate products and guide the user to your recommendations


Time sensitive offers

Create countdowns-to-special discounts and flash sales

Mobile Marketing

Vouchers & Coupons

Offer money-off and other value-added promotions

event marketing

Special events

Create virtual events, from treasure hunts to virtual catwalks

Customer Engagement


Track visits and reward frequency. Integrate with existing rewards programmes

Digital signage

Digital signage

Guide-by-smartphone to rooms, aisles or individual shelves and clothes rails

product information

Extra content

Add value with inspiring or explanatory videos, images, creative ideas and more


Unlock permissions

Give access to exclusive services or content when users are close by

Product Survey


Gather insights into your visitors’ preferences and desires

Upcoming Events

Calendar events

Alert users to upcoming events to add straight into their smartphone calendar



Provide your guests with a special NFC wearable, allowing guests to make orders and purchases

Order Management

Order Management

Manage and improve your room services. Each department receives real time notifications in order to process secure orders. The system is highly reliable and secure



Transform ordinary actions in points and engage your customers with challenges and leader boards.

Proximity Marketing Software

Analyze Customer data

With real-time access to detailed performance metrics, retailers, brands, advertisers, and publishers can quickly assess campaign effectiveness and modify to optimize results. Monitor individual sections of the store.

Use JWS's analysis platform tools to see how your campaigns impact on store traffic and asses the best times of day for optimal success. Monitor heat maps and dwell time data for potential store layout issues, to flag popular items and discover trends.

Proximity Marketing Software

IoT Control

Advanced connectivity of devices, systems & services that goes beyond M2M communications & covers a variety of protocols, domains & applications

Proximity Marketing Software

CRM Integration

Integrate proximity marketing with your CRM system for a complete relationship with your customers.

Mobile Marketing Software

Campaign management

Limited internal resources? Let our team create, manage, optimise and report on your campaigns.

Market Research

Market Research

Systematic gathering of information using statistical & analytical methods & techniques to gain insight or support decision making

Web Design

Web Design

Everything we do is designed to help you as a business owner succeed online.

Bluetooth Beacon

Hardware Solutions

Our vendor neutral experts recommend which beacons to use and how to use them.

Marketing & Advertising

Marketing & Advertising

Everything we do is designed to help you as a business owner succeed online.

Marketing & Advertising

Branding & Re-Branding Marketing

We establish a brand identity in the minds of your consumer customers, investors, competitors & stakeholder

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Proximity Marketing with Beacon

How Beacon Works

Beacons, also known as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), are tiny devices that can be used to accurately detect where an app user is. Shops, supermarkets and department stores; bars, cafes, restaurants and other leisure venues; art galleries and museums and a wide variety of other locations use them to create enhanced visitor experiences. This can range from offering incentives to come in store, acknowledging a reward has been earned for visiting or simply for displaying content when a visitor is in a precise location.

Beacons are increasingly being used in favour of Wi-fi and even NFC (near field communications). The biggest benefit of using beacons is that they are able to offer greater accuracy than any other location-based technology and they are also able to reach users who are up to 50m away. This means you can detect a user is passing by your venue, send them a message and then take them to the exact location in your store.

Proximity Marketing